Here lyeth the many Victims of Author - Jack Knight.

In Loving memory of those who didnt quite get away.

Darkness Whispers

When a group of longtime friends decide to ignore the warnings of the locals and embark on a wild weekend fueled by alcohol and the desire for a good time, they quickly discover all legends aren’t urban—or created equally.
From the first shot of a gun-toting maniac’s military rifle, the friends’ idyllic getaway turns into an endless torrent of horror.

The terror mounts as the remaining victims learn there’s no escaping, and the unseen assailant is mercilessly stalking the unyielding terrain in search of fresh victims.
Soon the group is caught in a terrifying sequence of bloodshed, murder, and voodoo.
But what happens next is beyond anyone’s darkest imagination…even Paul Docherty.

Doc, as his friends affectionately call him, is a man haunted by a nefarious past he cannot remember, and tormented by the beast within that he cannot forget.
As Doc’s inner demon sets out to destroy him by seizing this opportunity to take complete control, it’s up to the few that are still standing to identify the supernatural madman while frantically searching for weapons to use against the encroaching danger because, as darkness falls, they realize their only hope for survival is to win the final battle in the fight for their lives on the notorious shores of Beacons Cove.

Darkness Whispers will be available to purchase very shortly!